Sunday Morning

Well, despite the cold, I still have to do laundry. Instead, I ended up down at The Entrance, where the ice cream shops were doing no trade at all, and Mojo’s Cafe was, its roaring (gas) fire flickering away against the brickwork.

I sat in my usual window with a large soy flat white (I’m sure that’s not what I ordered, but it was close enough) and two Tarot decks. The SOL deck, reviewed, told me that what mattered most for my mental and emotional health was to wander in solitude beside salty water, so after my coffee that’s exactly what I did, and you know, I think it helped.

The Granny Jones Australian deck, reviewed, told me that I needed to be more warm to myself, take less notice of my baby brother’s dead twin sister because she only messes up my head when we talk, and accept trouble, strife, stress and poverty as a part of what makes life so rich and diverse. Oh, and Granny Jones also gossiped a bit, and told me to tell Bianca that she needs to be more resolute in her relationship (!). I forebore to do that – there’s only so much interfering I’m going to do there.

I love that deck – I feel more mothered by the spirit of Granny Jones than by the spirit of any woman I have yet spent time with physically. Mind you, in this lifetime, that’s not a big call.

Time for a run out the back to the laundry, I think. Duty calls.

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