BAD FRUIT – a poem


(For Belinda Rose Hawker, 11/6/1961 – 6/10/2009)

I want to pick the bad fruit.
I want to hold it and squeeze it.
Feel the rancid juice dripping
From my sticky elbows.
I want the waft of bacteria cultures,
Impure alcohol, repellent,
Coating the roof of my mouth.
I want the sting of acid toxicity.

Were I to pick the bad woman,
She would hold me and squeeze me
Until I could not breathe, and black
Lace netting fell before my eyes.
She would feed on my ideas,
Drink copiously and vomit copiously
With stench of abscessed teeth.
She would, herself, be the sting of toxicity.

(c) Nisaba Merrieweather, 2009

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4 Responses to BAD FRUIT – a poem

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    How could I not know you had a blog?

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