Poem: Aminata


(Nisaba, I refer you to your own short story about another certain fabulous singer. You would fall upon a relationship with any buxom female with good songwriting credentials with the sort of alacrity that usually typifies a lioness falling upon an antelope. – MGW)


Velvet blackness
Pushed down into bitumen by the rain,
Leaves and rising flattened streams
Squashed off the glass by flailing rubber strips

The turbo roar, the endless torque
Relentless kilometres beckoning –

I do not feel the coldness of a world that is warmer than my life.
Instead, I accelerate into the beckoning night.

Somewhere past the curve of the hill
An all-night hamburger joint
Warm, greasy, welcoming air
Warm, greasy, welcoming women –
I brake suddenly and swerve into a parking bay.


Jukebox Jenny cranking it up
Eighties hits, black magic
From the dark-chocolate lips of Aminata.
(And she sang) You rang me from your prairie ho-o-ome,
You were so far away,
I could hardly hear your lying voice
When you called me today…

And oh the warm smell of burnt fat
And charred acrid onions
And the end of the gas bottles

And the memory of Aminata dancing on MTV
Her skin the colour of honey at midnight
Her lips as full as overstuffed cushions
And just as inviting,

My love, I would sink into you,
Be swallowed by those lips
Be surrounded by those arms
Be buried in those breasts.

(And she sang) You rang me from your prairie ho-o-ome
Your voice was full of lies,
Another woman held you near
Your news was no surprise…

Slumping on the formica table
I wished to sink away,
Melt away, run like rebellious ice cream
Into the fountains of the heart, foundations
Of music arcing like electricity between my ears.


Food can never drown discomfort, nor rushed kilometres
Curled around dangerous mountain curves

“Throw away your money, honey, Throw away it all, Throw away your lover, honey, Come here when I call”…

“Black Coffee”, the one about how her milk-white lover lay on the beach getting brown and beautiful for her, while she stayed at home and wished she could add milk to her

Bla-a-ack coff-eeee skin …

Come here darling
Open up to me
Give me your everything
Wild and free

Let me taste your bush-honey
Stinging my tongue like bees
Let me lick your bush-honey, honey
Rollin’ in the breeze …

(c) Nisaba Merrieweather 2009

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4 Responses to Poem: Aminata

  1. Artswebshow says:

    these are excellent.
    Great poetry

  2. me says:

    that’s extremely impressive

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