Why I don’t like Fireworks

I feel like talking about one of my pet hates: fireworks. Okay, I could also talk about street lighting and after-hours office lighting and fairy lights in trees also, but I’ll save that for another time. Today it’s fireworks.

Around here, we tend to get fireworks on New Year’s Eve, Christmas Eve, Anzac Day, Australia Day and, apparently (I haven’t noticed) Easter. That’s a lot of fireworks.

When they set off fireworks, it wakes all the roosting birds in the trees. Suddenly after the first few bangs, all the birds in the area will be awake and screeching in terror. It takes them more than an hour to settle afterwards. Most day-birds have very poor sight at night, so many of them hang onto the branches without even the self-determination to take flight and fly away from the threat, so they are even more terrified than they would be by day. Those few who do take flight, crash into trees or each other, and die or become injured. Even if they don’t, they can’t see branches well enough to land properly, so they will have many falls and injuries from trying to land even after a “successful” flight.

Fireworks nights are a waste of money, ecologically disastrous in terms of mining to create fireworks, chemicals released in manufacture and released in setting off fireworks, and horribly scary for birdlife.

It’s really not fair. We get half an hour of ooohs and aahhs, which we don’t miss on the nights we don’t get it. Because of this, we close our eyes to the environmental damage and the horrible experiences we give to wildlife.

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