Competition Time

Well, by now, those of you who have visited would have some idea about my interests: Tarot, spirituality, nature, society, literature, alternative health practices.

I still have one or two pairs of the Magnetic Ear Studs I wrote about earlier, with Swarovski crystals, that are suitable for acupressure on ear acupuncture points, magnetic therapy, colour work or just to gain an extra temporary piercing wherever you like. I have limited colours: I’m not sure at this moment what colours I hold.

If you would like to win, this is what I would like you to do. On or after today’s date, you’ll need to comment on at least two posts in this blog (separate comments attached to separate posts, not mentioning two in the one post). Recount experiences or insights you may have had yourself that are in the theme of the post you are replying to. Then sign off both replies with your email address. I will be feeding the email addresses into a random number generator and allowing it to choose a winner on the 15th July, to celebrate my baby brother’s birthday. His birthday, but one of you gets the presents. What could be fairer than that?

I will be announcing the winner here, and contacting them privately about their prize by email. The Random Tagline Generator’s decision is final – no discussion s will be entered into. Happy commenting, and good luck to all!

Oh, and people who are not fortunate enough to have won the prize but would like to purchase a pair afterwards anyway, will be able to buy then at a substantial discount (still to be worked out) before the 31st July.

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2 Responses to Competition Time

  1. Stella Hoshiko says:

    Haven’t been able to catch up on your blogs for some time as I’ve been going through some tough times on my side here but I’m feeling much better today and am quite surprised that you’re holding a competition here. So I though it will be a courtesy to leave a comment or two here. Happy Birthday to your baby brother in advance.

    • nisaba000 says:

      Many thanks for that. It’s hard to believe that he’s already in his middle-forties – I clearly remember him as a newborn, wrapped up in a bunny-rug and sleeping in a doll’s cradle!

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