Nine Swords Over my Head

Well, not a lot of blogging has been going on lately. I’m all of a buzz, thinking about my Tarot collection, and about how I would like to see it shown to the general public, what I’d like to say about it and some sub-collections (such as historical decks, art-decks, decks by specific artists, Australian decks, even decks with horrible card-backs) – and how the hell I am going to fit even a small three-person TV crew into my tiny house with enough room for them to move around and do their stuff!

By this time next week it will all be over, and life will be back to normal. So I’m not phased, but my Medieval Cats Deck is lying nearby, so I pulled a card for how I need to prepare myself between now and the day. I pulled the Nine Swords. In a central oval with a black background, a tan cat in a lush crimson velvet suit has one paw raised and one covering his heart as he looked at nine swords hanging above him like a chandelier. Beneath this image on a Visconti-like background, five swords form a cradle in which the oval rests, while four swords overhead provide a kind of roof, shelter from the rain.

The paw over the heart – I can identify with that straight away. My collection is something I love, possibly even more than I love some of the people in my life. Given a fire or other emergency I’d save people rather than cards – but once they were safe, I’d be wading back into the flames without a thought!

The raised paw, the expression in the uplifted eyes and the hanging swords I read slightly differently. The hand and the expression is not fearful – more about setting boundaries. And the swords are not falling uncontrollably, in fact, they don’t look as if they are falling at all, more as if they are hanging. Swords usually represent the Air element, which is about intellect, intelligence and thought, so this aspect of the card tells me that in other areas of my life it is time to put everything I’m “thinking about” on hold, put a brake on things, and just concentrate on  what’s important – the day of filming.

The cradle-like look of the swords below the image remind me that in the situation  I am being nurtured and looked after by the universe, and the roof-like appearance of the swords above me, also indicate shelter from the rougher elements.

So all in all, I feel well-looked-after, and I know that all I have to do between now and the day of filming, is a little basic housework and no worrying – everything’s all been taken care of by the thinking and planning (Swords) that I’ve already put into the situation. Nine is a Goddess-number, too, making me feel cyclical and included.

When I was starting to write this article, a friend of mine familiar with Tarot but completely unfamiliar with this deck walked into the house, and I showed him the card. His first words were: “Oh! The Eleven of Swords.” We laughed about it, then went out for coffee. While we were walking to our destination, he turned to me and asked: “Does that deck really have an Eleven of Swords?”

Not being a numerologist but being visually inclined, to me the number eleven, with two ones in it, seems to be a higher arcana of one, just as ten is a higher arcana of one. It seems to be to have more one-energy than two-energy. The perception of eleven instead of nine was entirely my friend’s perception – it would be interesting to know what is going on for him personally at the moment.

What is going on for me is an edginess born out of excitement, which will prevent my falling flat, and since pulling that card a knowledge that I am definitely heading in the right direction for the next little while. In a week it will all be over, and I can get back to all my regular stuff – the swords dangling over the cat’s head. In the meantime I have a meditation group to host tomorrow and another to attend a few days later. Routine, comfortable stuff which will allow the week to pass with some interest and activity.

The very odd dream I had last night (which lasted all night from the time I lost consciousness to the time I awoke) has to do, I feel, more with the undercurrents in one of these groups than from the approaching filming, which  am sure will resolve itself soon. My world is a happy and exciting place to live at the moment, and every day I wake up entirely grateful that I am me.

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