Gestation – a poem


In the moment when Eye meet Eye
And the wave of life sweeps away,
I become me. I swim, suckle, surge
Glowing and rebounding, reaching and rolling,
Falling and becoming, starting to know –

And as certainly as I move I am cushioned
And defended, barricaded and boarded
Living in my glowing twilight, mind aflicker
With thoughts and feelings not wholly my own,
Bathing in the hormones of another’s events
Feeling the tumult and turmoil,
The worry and the wonder,
Hand on the belly –

And know that She grows
As certainly as I do,
Keeping the pace I keep,
Stretching as I stretch
To accommodate my reaching;
Moving in her world as I move in her belly
(Thinking more completely now),
And watching her growing
As intumescent as the tide.

(c) Nisaba Merrieweather, 2010

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