This Morning’s Reading (23/7/2010)

There are strange undercurrents around me at the moment, mostly to do with people surrounding me. Two of them I’ll rename X and Y. X is someone I have known since the late 1980s and we were very close for some years. Y is someone I’ve met much more recently, through the friends-of-friends network. We’ve shared coffee and broken bread together, we’ve eaten salt in our food and done all the other things people do when affirming goodwill towards each other. Recently when one of them asked about the status of the other, I told both of them quietly about the singleness of both of them. Hey, I’m happy to help!

Since then, things have been uncomfortable between each of them as an individual and me. So I thought I’d pull some cards about the two of them not to spy on them, but to see how the interaction between the two of them is affecting me – or rather, why it is affecting me. Ideally it shouldn’t affect me in any way and whatever transpires or doesn’t transpire between them shouldn’t have an impact on me at all. But it does, it seems, and I want some insight into why.

For Person X, I pulled the Devil, the Ace Swords and the Star. The Devil tells me that any decisions made in the heat of the moment and through baser urges are likely to create problems, which may lead to a restriction of their options later on. Also, I keep looking at that spider: I feel X could be dealing with entities they know nothing about if they make a Devil-type decision. The Ace Swords tells me that redemption is possible through the power of the intellect, which in this person’s case can be considerable. The piercing red blade of the mind can, if actually brought into play in the situation I’m asking about, break the “chains” and escape the dark clouds at the bottom of the card. X’s outcome card was the Star, a shining image of faith in the future and a peaceful outlook in the longer term. Fear not, X! The turmoil that these new changes have brought into your life which appears to be slightly spilling into mine, will come to an end when you let your brain cells kick in.

The three cards I pulled for Person  Y were the Eight Buttons (Pentacles or Coins), the Four Buttons and the King Buttons. Right away, the absence of anything other than a very earthy suit tells me that in the given situation, Person Y’s issues are all about physicality, physical-world issues and such-like. These can range from things like sex, through food, all the way to money. True emotions are missing or being subverted by an overly great concern with the physical-world or physical urges being mistaken for emotions, as are any spiritual or intellectual concerns. All of them are being railroaded away by physical desires and issues.

The first card, the Eight Buttons, shows Granny Jones with her nose in a book, and I do know that Y is one of the people I know who is doing a course. They would do well to attend to it, and put in the effort. Perhaps a little thought and study in the present situation also, would help them get a grasp on what’s happening below the surface. The Four Buttons shows Granny Jones chasing in great haste after a flying banknote, and indeed Person Y does work a lot of overtime, as they seem to regard money as pretty much more important than the rest of their life at the moment. Everything, including new attachments, are going to have to be squeezed into their hectic timetable. And finally, we have the King Buttons. A smiling man in a grey suit dances in front of a fruit barrow. This signifies to me that eventually Y will realise that even though they are a naturally materialistic person chasing after the dollar, it is still possible to be true to themself and still enjoy life a little.

The link between the two of them is the Nine Buttons, an obese Siamese cat gloating at the observer, nine yellow buttons in the air above him. This card is about smugness, self-satisfaction, complacency. And perhaps that it why I am bothered by the whole situation: both of these people are somehow gloating or laughing behind my back when it really isn’t an issue for me what they choose to do or not do. That smugness is uncalled-for: neither of them have gained anything that I wanted to gain and that I felt I’d missed out on. And the very fact that it is uncalled-for is why I have been feeling so uncomfortable lately – I wish they’d both just relax and be a bit honest about everything.  Just let it be a non-issue for you as it is for me, folks! It really is as far as I’m concerned – if you two keep making a fuss between yourselves about how it is an issue for me, you’re just wasting your own energy and making me uncomfortable where I can be quite comfortable! After all, who introduced you to each other? Once the two of them wake up to themselves and settle down, it’ll all be a  non-issue. Which is what it really should be now.

The last card in the position of long-term outcomes, is quite a comforting one to me – the Four Cups. A yawning face in the foreground, the sun coming out from behind a cloud in the background, blindfold folks wandering around in the middle. I’ll be happy when this card kicks in and everyone settles down and starts acting naturally again. Life will be a lot less uncomfortable for me.

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