Competition Update

Some time ago, I offered a prize of a pair of magnetic stud earrings suitable for acupressure work, magnetic work or just temporary “piercings”, for a name drawn at random from amongst those who posted non-spam comments to two or more items in the blog.

So far, we have just two contenders, folks! I really can’t draw a name out of two, even with a supervised coin-flip – it’s just grossly unfair to the other person, much more so than if I were drawing from half a dozen names. Get reading and writing, people! As before, no actual deadline: I’ll wait until I have enough entries to make a name-out-of-a-hat-draw seem like a fair and exciting thing.

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2 Responses to Competition Update

  1. Kate says:

    I think I have posted twice but I didn’t know about the competition and am not really an ear rings person. So please don’t consider me in the draw. It would be nice for the prized to go to someone who would really like the ear rings.

  2. Mitzy says:

    I DO wear earrings and I am totally not above begging. Would love to be in the drawing.

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