The redhead smiles at me, her lips look softer
Than the softest lips I have ever kissed,
Her breasts look as though they would rest
As naturally as mine in the curve of my hand;
Her eyes sparkle when she talks
Even when I don’t like the words,
And I find myself looking at her often,
More often than I can reasonably justify.

She is a whole generation younger than me.
She has not become self-satisfied by predictable successes
Or beaten down into helplessness by repeated failures.
She smiles at me sometimes, but sits with others –
And I let this happen, knowing only too well
That after the sex would only be the awkwardness
Of conversations that we couldn’t have together
Because our cultural gap is so vast …

And, knowing that this is right,
I admire her from a distance
As I would admire a perfect statue
That is warm and flexible
And utterly desirable.

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3 Responses to FROM A DISTANCE – a poem

  1. Stella Hoshiko says:

    and this makes me wonder if there is ever someone who feels that way about me too..I mean, being admired is a nice thing to happen to anyone. Maybe I’ll just get over to the mirror and…admire myself a little..Nisaba, a great one you’ve got here..set me dreaming away..

  2. Mitzy says:

    Whoops! I meant for that “lovely” comment from the other post to go here.
    This is lovely, though. I didn’t know you were a poet, too. You are so multi-talented.

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