FRANKENDECKEN – Part the Third

Well, I slept until 11.30am, and had real-world stuff to attend to.

Frankie came along, but didn’t interfere much with the day. He wasn’t interested. I think he was mulling over his experiences so far and looking forward to another day at TAFE tomorrow.

Can’t really remember much of what I did in the “morning” (early afternoon) except that a lot of it was at the computer. Then I walked down to meet a friend and have coffee on her, who’s uncomfortable with Tarot, so Frankie politely stayed in my bag and didn’t get talked about – I’m not one to deliberately and knowingly make people feel *too* uncomfortable.

Came back, did some AT and Facebook stuff, and some email stuff. Slept a bit more.

On my way back a little while ago, I detoured through a Cheap Shop to get coloured thread (for my present to Frankie) and tealights (for the household), then through Coles since the Cheap Shop didn’t have very, very fine crocheting hooks for Frankie’s present (Coles didn’t either) and to pick up soymilk, without which I will be cactus again, and coffeebags (the good ones, full of real ground coffee beans that make a good brewed coffee in your cup) because although I don’t drink coffee at home at all, friends of mine like coffee when they rock up and I’m out of it. Real grocery shopping will have to wait until my budget picks itself up off the floor where an electricity bill has unceremoniously thrown it – despite help. Freezer is full of leftovers and Frankie doesn’t eat much – we can do this.

On the way home, Frankie squeaked loudly from the inside of my handbag. How he saw what he saw, I have no idea.

“What’s that building?” he asked. “Is it a Tarot hall?”

I wish.

“No, a church. Why?”

He got really excited. “It’s got an Ace of Swords on its front door. See?”

And you know – he’s right! (photo 67) I’ve lived here for over a year this time, and several years before Western Australia, and I’d never noticed! I walk past it all the time.

There's an Ace Swords there!

Not quite as glamorous as his Ace Swords, but definitely an Ace Swords, for sure.

Cooking for the kid now.

Well, it has been a day for me, but not a big day for Frankie, so I thought I’d thumb through him and give a few opinions.

First noteworthy cards, second, cards I know and have.

11 – Justice (Karma Music), I just love the faces on the knees! I cannot get my eyes off them when this card shows up.
Queen Rods (Palladini), she has stunning hair! And I’ve looked closely and decided it’s not a headdress. It’s hair. Shut up. I love the backs too – the two lemniscated snakes.
The Page Wands (Astrology Tarot), I have no idea why I like this one. Perhaps because it’s Marseilles-like in style but he still looks like a child?
The Three Cups (Prague) What a sensational image! Very lush and voluptuous. Love the waistbands.
The Nine Swords (Fantastical Creatures) I love the complexity of it, the shattered/lightning effect, the colour range, the feathers, the scroll, the border. It has come out twice, and each time it’s seduced me into spending much more time than it deserved in the context of the reading.
VI The Lovers (Thai), adore the richness of the colour, the gold inlay, the cultural context, the androgyny.
XII the Hanged Man (Cat People) most of the image is ho-hum, but what makes it really stand out is that ginger tom on top of the gallows, thinking seriously about sleeping.
the Ten Pentacles, (Magic Manga) Don’t like the style of the card much, but I keep looking at the *expression* in her face.
II the High Priestess (midnight masquerade) I love her Dame Edna Everage glasses. Yes, I know it’s meant to be a fashionable mask, but it’s actually dorky spectacles suitable for wear by a tasteless glammed-up Suburban Superstar Housewife who is fairly evidently a screeching man.
the Two Swords (Women’s Tarot) I love the warmth and flow in this image, setting off the cold, straight swords. I also like the back.
The Page Swords (Natalie Hertz) I’m not quite sure why, but the image is quite look-able. And the back is lovely!
X The Hermit (Meneghello Tarocchi Neoclassico) Love his grouchiness, the snake, the lantern, the bare foot, the cardstock.
The Six Swords (Kurmay) Lovely, just lovely. Colour would ruin it. And the Turkish in the title: I am delighted when a card has a language on it that I cannot fathom. I can get a handle on many of the European languages because they are all related to each other and to English, but when words pop up in Turkish, Finnish, Arabic or other languages I have no handle on whatsoever, they open vast vistas of possibility and mystery, and add immensely to the cards. Which is why I love my Kissatarot, and why I’m going off to wish-list this one.
the Four Swords (Old English) – I love how the swords are braided, I love the tense, I love the ambiguity as to whether the swords are limitations or protection.
The Seven Wands (Inner Child) I find this card irresistibly erotic. Very, very sexual. I love it. I could look at it for hours, but just the flower!
The Four Cups (Spanish Tarot) I’ve always liked unillustrated pips, but I love how one of the cups is not like the others: it is slightly melted, leaning inwards, has a narrower base, has lost its outward curve at the lip. Love it.

Cards I already have:
the Devil
the World
the Knight Cups
the Hierophant
Knight Rods
the Two Round-things
the Queen Cups
the Ten Cups
Death (mine has a prettier and more commercial eggshell-blue back, though, and more highly laminated stock)
The Queen Coins (mine is larger and has a better back)
the Four Pentacles (different back)
The Chariot (I coulda sworn mine had a title)
the Eight Cups
the Fool
the Ace Stones
the Star
the Queen Swords (different back)

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