The Queen Swords

A brief discussion of this Queen.

While The Queen Wands is the Queen of Direct Action, the Queen Swords is the Queen of Thought. Pageship is about needing to learn an element, Knightdom is about immaturity in it, Kingship is overall mastery of it, but Queendom is more subtle, an internalising of it, a blending of it into the very fibre of the person, male or female.

For instance, A flawless Wimbledon tennis champion who can suddenly retire and put the racket down forever is the King of Tennis, whilst the same champion who retires from the circuit but can’t get through a week without playing backyard tennis with mates and/or coaching kids for free at the local tennis courts is the Queen Tennis, regardless of gender.

The Queen Swords, whether she manifests as a man, a woman or even just a quality in someone’s life, is someone to whom intelligence is the very spice and flavour of life: an avid reader, a thinker, a mentor, a teacher, a philosopher, someone whose inner life is far, far richer than anything many of us can possibly imagine. That is the Queen Swords, whether the card comes out for a male or a female.

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