BOOK REVIEW: Armed Madhouse – Greg Palast

Cleaning up, I put this book back on my shelf, and remembered reading it a year or two ago. I read it quickly, and enjoyed it massively.

Don’t  get me wrong: this is NOT an easy book to read. Nor is it an enjoyable book to read. But it is an important book. Palast has a couple of smaller swarms of bees in his bonnet, and the reader reaps the full benefit of their bittersweet honey, as well as of Palast’s great skill in sarcasm. This is the book that, should the conspiracy theorists get a hold of it, would delight them. Palast sees no incompetence anywhere in his great society: instead, he sees deliberate and calculating connivance. Wars, politics, the price of oil, and American jobs and education, they all are lacerated by his sharp tongue. In his world, everything is rotten to the core.

It was a great read, but heavy-going; and during and after reading it, I felt for the first time in my near-half-century of life like acting the ostrich and burying my head in the ground. It’s simply easier…

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