Good Decks, Better Decks

I was thinking about what makes a deck read well, this morning. Many of us say such-and-such a deck reads well, or doesn’t read well. But is it really the deck? Maybe I’m just an old sourpuss, but the older I get, the more certain I am that it’s the reader who makes the readings good or bad.

This was always a suspicion of mine, but when I reviewed this deck, I was convinced, and nothing’s going to change my mind. There’s nothing even remotely Tarotical about the images, only the card titles. I don’t even like it all that much (except insofar as it’s a part of my Tarot-family). And as a part of the review process I pulled it out and threw several spreads of different kinds, and it read well. Or … *I* read well, drawing on my knowledge of Tarot much more than on the images.

I have one deck, designed by a Magical teaching order (both the deck and the order are called “Servants of the Light”) that thinks it’s superior to doing lowly readings, an arrogance it probably got from the ethos of the Society which is all about Theurgy (“High Magic”) not Thaumaturgy (“Low Magic”).

I have a known-favourite that does absolutely everything. And I have a huge number of decks that also do absolutely everything, and do it just as well.

I think it’s all down to me.

If you love some decks more than others, you will respond to them better when you are using them. And that’s what I think it’s all about.

I’ve just got to a point where regardless of the deck that’s actually in my hand, I’m dealing with Meta-Tarot, or Tarot-Oversoul, which I love unreservedly, so any and all decks in my hand are going to throw me good readings.

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3 Responses to Good Decks, Better Decks

  1. Stella Hoshiko says:

    LOL~great post you’ve got, Nisaba. I was just thinking about this issue as well yesterday night when I was browsing them and I was trying to figure out why are there some decks which appeal to me right away while some others don’t and some actually made me stare blankly at them and I never thought of laying my hands on them? Then came the issue which you had it published in here and I have to agree that there is just no good or better decks or even bad’s just the readers themselves. Every reading’s suppose to be good and enlightening, it’s just the level of understanding we are able to grasp on the reading, correct?

    • nisaba000 says:

      Yes, I think so. I also think that if we believe a deck will read better than others, eve n if we like the artwork better on others, the deck we believe will read well, will do so, and the prettiest deck in the world won’t work for us if we don ‘t think it does.

      • it’s a wondrous happening between the reader and the decks they use and what information certain decks can actually bring out to the reader. A reader who believes his/her deck will guide the way, the path will surely be open just as believed.

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