Decorating with Tarot

Elsewhere on the net, someone was recently asking how one would go about decorating one’s home with Tarot cards, if one had decks one didn’t use. I had a few suggestions, that I might actually bring into play myself – certainly, when my daughter leaves home and I reclaim her bedroom as a bespoke Tarot Room.

If you are thinking of hanging images on the wall, small wooden frames and distress them (sand in the direction of the grain until the surface is roughed-up and artificially aged). Choose the most stunning images, and don’t use the rest. Organise them not in terms of their meaning or numbers at all, but in terms of their colours, and hang them in vertical columns, perhaps either side of a door or a window.

Another suggestion:-

Around here it is possible to get coffee-tables that are wooden-topped with a glass cover over the wood. Sometimes you can even pick them up second-hand and really cheaply at charity-based op-shops.

If I were serious about redecorating, I’d get one of those and get rid of any previous coffee-table if you are pushed for space, then arrange the more sensational cards under the glass-top, so that not only would there be some Tarot on the walls, there’s also be some on the coffee-table. It’d look fantastic, I think.

Oh, and you could also use the cards you like less as coasters or place-mats: for coasters, lay two side-by-side on the sticky side of a piece of Con-Tact, then place another piece of Con-Tact over it to create extra-thick “lamination”, then cut out a coaster-sized circle for your coffee cups.

As place mats, lay out a place-mat-sized piece of Con-Tact sticky-side-up, arrange some cards on it, then finish with another layer of Con-Tact to create a plastic wipe-clean Tarot placemat.

I think when I do get a Tarot-specific room set up, I’ll have to look for a wooden-topped dining table or desk with a glass cover to do that to, plus buy a lot of little wooden frames in natural timber colours, plus buy a roll of clear Con-Tact. I do have a home-laminator, but I think you need the more robust thickness of Con-Tact when making your own coasters or place-mats.

My project for the future. I can hardly wait until I get to reclaim that room!

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