The Ten Cups

This is a light-hearted Tarot-story from the early 1990s.  Dorothy Morrison, a friend of mine and erstwhile teacher,  sent me a copy of the Herbal Tarot. She gave it to me a couple of years before she started designing her own deck, in a wonderful package that also included a tennis-ball-sized quartz crystal ball with interesting fissures in it, a figurine of dolphins, a hollow silver ball that could be opened and filled with things (hanging from a ceiling somewhere!) and all sorts of other interesting stuff.

When I went to the post office to pick up the parcel, the first thing I noticed was that the parcel had been opened by Customs. It had been taped shut with their official yellow-and-black tape, and had the official note telling me that it had been subject to a random parcel check. The parcel smelled vaguely of patchouli and sandalwood, which is probably why they opened it, thinking that the scent of a blessing-spell might have been designed to cover the smell of drugs! <laughter>

So I took it home, and opened it up. One by one, I pulled out Wonderful Gifts. I found that the deck had been unsealed, rifled-through, and closed up again, the plastic seal broken. Somewhere else in the parcel, the Ten Cups was separate from the rest of the deck. My immediate intuitive take on that was that there was a customs official saying that they suspected I might have an interest in pot since I was getting a card featuring the plant, and my mail would be watched from now on. And sure enough, for about the next two or three years, every single package I received had a “random” customs check done! <laughter>.

The deck and the parcel never felt violated. A quick shuffle, and it was absolutely fine. Everything in the parcel is still in my home, despite having moved twice across the continent since then. And Dorothy’s energy is still a very big part of the build-up of energy-through-use on this deck, to this day – this deck feels more like her, in fact, than my copy of the Whimsical, which I bought for myself.

I sometimes forget how much I love this deck – I have an  internet contact to thank for making me pull it out and use it again!

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