And the winner is …

Remember I ran a competition some time ago now, for people who wrote two or more non-spam comments on the blog?

Well, it’s fortunate I didn’t set a time-limit or a date to draw a winner, because once I deleted borderline spam trying to attract people to other businesses, it took a while to get a suitable number of entrants together. Although I know there is a readership, I’ve received a number of feedback-type comments as emails rather than comments on the blog! If I can’t even stick to my own rules …

And then I felt as if it was a poor look to pull a name from a hat when there were only three names and one of them a real-world friend of mine, so I waited until I had a few more entries.

When I deemed myself to have enough entrants, I cut up the required number of identically-sized pieces of paper, wrote the names on them, folded them up in the identical way, threw them in the “hat” (actually a used metal jar) and left it on a shelf for a few hours, giving it a shake every time I went past. Then just before pulling a winner a few minutes ago, I shook it up again, and drew a piece of paper with my left hand, with my eyes averted.

On unfolding the paper, the winner turned out to be … Stella Hoshiko! Congratulations, Stella!

Stella has won a pair of magnetic acupressure-studs decorated with a Swarovski crystal each, in her choice of half-a-dozen colours. I have emailed her privately to notify her, and to establish which colour she would prefer and arrange delivery.

Congratulations once again, Stella, and I hope you find your studs both attractive and beneficial for a long time to come.

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4 Responses to And the winner is …

  1. Thank you, Nisaba. Your email had been well received with a smiley and excited face this morning. A pleasant surprise that I was picked as your winner. It is quite unbelievable as well, how my name could have popped right into your hands after so many random shakes of the jar..I haven’t been winning something for a long while now but I’m feeling great today! Thank you again, Nisaba.

  2. Writing in to thank you Nisaba, for the lovely prize you’ve sent over. It reached me yesterday with all things attached with your guide in a lovely flowery card. It’s amazing how such tiny magnetic ear studs can help to heal therapeutically! I can actually feel the vibrations working their way with the problematic accupoint with your guidelines provided. At the same time, it’s beautifully made and it sparkle well too. Thank you for sending me a gift of health, Nisaba.

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