Love-Hate Relationships with Tarot Decks

In another area of the net, we were just asked about the Tarot decks we love but hate. I thought briefly, but could only come up with this, out of eighty-some decks:-
I don’t hate to have any of my decks, and I’ve got a few now. Even the unpleasant ones, with addictions and abusive mouths, and teeth knocked out in street brawls and criminal convictions as long as your arm, even they are loveable, the dear little mites, just misunderstood.
Of course, when these ones gather together in little groups surrounded by visible fumes and glower at the others whilst hefting crowbars to test for weight and balance, my other more suburban decks find themselves crossing the road to avoid them …
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One Response to Love-Hate Relationships with Tarot Decks

  1. I haven’t really come across one deck which I love yet hate at the same time but rather, I’d asked why I am so tarot crazed instead. As I wonder what good does it do me to continue collecting decks, I drew a 7 Of Cups.

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