Hate the word “Random”?

A random word: I believe cussing is something you need to be able to do in several languages. To that end, I picked up a Finnish word recently. “Oh, paska, I bumped my knee. Go away, paska-head, I’m on the computer!”

To Australian ears, it sounds like an exotic foreign bread-product or something, made more amusing when you learn that I found out about this word in the same communication that gave me a Finnish-sounding Nisaba-based nickname, Nisu, which *is* an exotic foreign bread-product!

Feel free to call me Nisu whenever you like. Just don’t call me paska.

A Random memory: At three, my daughter, my then-partner and I were playing Backyard Cricket, a game for three players on three different teams, with complicated rules. (We were actually playing it in the front yard which is completely against all the rules, but in the backyard we had a tethered goat, so the only game we played out there was goat-soccer).

My partner actually played cricket with a mixed team of adults occasionally and forgot themselves, hitting an approaching ball hard enough to sail over the house and end up in Goat Territory. My daughter chuckled indulgently, sounding just like me, and said “Bloody silly bastard!”


A random resentment: Remember when LOL meant “Little Old Ladies”? I don’t like people forgetting precious things like that, and debasing it to “laugh out loud”, especially when most of the time people type that expression they haven’t actually laughed out loud!

And LOLs themselves. Some are absolute angels, but some really surprise you. The words they know! But then again, they invented them! Hell, how did we learn them, all those years ago? From older people!

The LOLs I loathe are those who park their shopping-trolleys perpendicular to the shopping aisle they happen to be in, then pretend to be deaf when you say “excuse me” (you can tell they’re pretending because they can’t help smirking). When I manoeuvre around them, I invariably mutter under my breath something a lot like: “You’d think by THEIR age someone would have taught them manners!” Funny, they often stop pretending to be deaf at that point.

I respect those who earn respect.

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One Response to Hate the word “Random”?

  1. My LOL theory: every revolting child turns into a revolting old person one day, and I won’t like ’em any better then. Thus, I never assume that someone is wise because they are old, or innocent because they are young.

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