The Day from Hell

Ever had one of those days? The alarm mightn’t ring. The car mightn’t start. You arrive late at the job interview having had a pigeon deposit something unmentionable on your windblown hair and aware that you’ve just rubbed your eyes so eyeliner is everywhere, to see a coolly competent, very polished person shaking hands with the boss as she leaves, both of them smiling, and knowing you have no chance at the job at all.

That was not my day today.

Nup, I do disastrous days differently. I froze all night, so I decided that Spring was being fickle, and it was a day for warm clothes. First mistake. The kid is currently sitting her HSC exams, and had Chemistry, so I made her breakfast. It took ages to get her out the door. So I quickly check my emails and get ready to visit the doctor, having had only one cup of tea, no fruit juice and no water, less liquid than I normally have by that time of day.

The car’s out of registration, so I walk. No problem – it’s less than a kilometre, an easy walk, right? Well, right if you’re not too hot. By the time I arrive I’m streaming and steaming – my warmer layers were under-layers, not over-layers that I could have taken off during the walk and carried.

I managed to be on time, almost exactly – pity about how I must have smelled. Nonetheless, I got a gobsmacked look from the receptionist, who knew me, when I said I was there for an appointment, not to make one for the future. They must be used to patients who are late or forget about appointments – I was a week early, to the minute!

I had a little paperwork to lodge with a government department, and there was an office conveniently around the corner. I go in – and their computers are down. They can’t process my paperwork. I ask to leave it to be processed when the computer comes back up. They refuse. They name two suburbs, both more than an hour away by public transport, where I could get it fixed up “right away”. Yes – if I wanted a two-and-a-half-hour round trip.

So I loitered, found no local friends available for coffee, and wandered around. The second time I checked in, their computers were up, so I did the stuff and walked home. By now I was quite dehydrated so I drank water, then weak tea with soymilk, my regular tipple at home.

I had a booking to do an emailed Tarot reading for someone and I checked my emails – there was a transaction number from them for Paypal. So I checked my Paypal account expecting it to show – and it didn’t. Nada. Empty. Not a cent. It’s worth mentioning that I’m currently operating on Paypal Account Number 2 – my first account just disintegrated a while ago, I couldn’t even buy through it. This second one was supposed to solve my problems.

So I went to the Paypal site, located their contact details, and sent them a request to look into the missing payments. A staff member sent me an email with a list on instructions. I followed the instructions to the letter. Nothing happened. I tried several times. Nothing. They had alternative instructions (“If that doesn’t work, go to … and click on …”), so I tried that, also strictly following their guidelines. Nothing. And again. Nothing. So I found a link in those wanderings, and tried a third way in they hadn’t described, and that didn’t work, either.

I sent a testy email to the person who had sent the instructions, and an apologetic email to the person who thought they had already paid me and deserved my attention. By now, I had been struggling with Paypal for hours. It was dark outside, we had eaten, I was about ready for a cuppa and an early night. I was going to check my paypal account one last time, then go to bed. I held no hope whatsoever.

And the payment was there!

After a day of frustration, the flooding of relief through my body was almost palpable, almost visceral. Tomorrow, I will be doing the contracted reading in a much better frame of mind than I would have  been, if the money had been sitting there uneventfully all the time and I had done the reading after an unsatisfying morning out.

I love how even the bad stuff eventually works out to be positive.

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