Well, after a period absent from the blog, I’m retuning. This was in part triggered by a broken keyboard, which was in turn triggered by Zoe the Purr-fect Tarot-Cat vomiting her four-monthly furballs on the keyboard instead of considerately in the litter-tray. I remember how I complained about the last lot, but in retrospect I think I actually would have preferred a repeat-performance of the doona-upchuck!

I can’t entirely blame Zoe, though: Despite the lack of a keyboard I utilised my inner Cyber-Mage sufficiently to be able to check my emails and do some Tarot-related stuff (thanks, TAFE!) And when I acquired a keyboard, it took me a day or so to come back.

I’m not turning into a Hermit – no more than I usually am, anyway. It’s just that I’ve spent a lot of time walking, and I mean a lot of time. Beltaine, the festival of the current season, marks the point where late spring passes into early summer, and in my recent walks I’ve been noticing something.

This year, the local environment doesn’t realise Beltaine has approached yet, it still thinks it’s Vernal Equinox Time. How do I know? Well, take a look at this photo.

Seen on my wanderings

There’s the evidence, in a photo that is only a few hours old at the time of uploading. It’s still Spring. And it isn’t the only tree in that condition – they’re everywhere.

And that seasonal confusion is fortunate. At the beginning of the Spring planting season I planted all the Usual Suspects, – you know, heirloom varieties (via the Victorian “Diggers Club”) of things like corn, tomatoes, pumpkin, cucumber, zucchinis, thyme, oregano, Italian parsley and the like, and the seedlings developed rapidly and happily. That is, until the invertebrates discovered them. Everything gone overnight, everything. I was furious, but it’s kinda hard to take revenge on bugs which have had the good sense to disappear before I emerged form the house. Once again, I found myself missing my old layer-hens, and passionately wishing I had more.

So a week ago – and only a week ago – I replanted. Tomatoes, I sourced from the feral seedlings that had been springing up in the compost, transplanting them. I re-seeded the raised bed (otherwise known as an unregistered and rusted-through box-trailer) with corn, zucchini and pumpkins, and several rosella seedlings sent to me from the Far North Coast by Ravenest, bless ‘er.

And now, in less than half the time they should have taken to germinate, I have baby corn plants, baby pumpkin/zucchini plants and baby rosellas, all of them at the just-having-broken-through stage, with their embryo leaves. And if the weather follows its current trends, they won’t be too late, and we’ll have a decent harvest. The rosellas, of course, I will pot up and cultivate for a while, then plant them along the front fence when they are large enough to be hardy, hoping that in time they will hedge up. I love gardens that are both decorative and productive, and if they give me a privacy screen as well as fruit, so much the better.

I have some tamarind seeds, and some loquat seeds, both sourced from fruits eaten last Friday at the meditation group: I took along some candied tamarind to the group, and pinched a couple of loquats from the tree out the front as I went in – I love fruit, especially wild, unsprayed, barely-cultivated fruit. So with seeds lying round, I can tell some more planting will happen very soon!

And to add to the garden of happiness that I’m living in at the moment, my Paypal woes appear to be sorted. I have even successfully received a couple of small payments recently, with no hiccups at all, which makes a nice change. I’ve only done one or two readings face-to-face in the past couple of weeks, but I seen to have done a large number of email readings, so I’ll tell you what. To celebrate the Paypal turnaround and a fruitful extended Spring season, I have an offer to make.

I charge $40.00 (Australian) for an email Tarot reading: so for every reading I do before the Summer Solstice (22nd December) by email, I will commit to donating $10 to your choice of my two favourite charities: 1) the Royal Flying Doctor Service, or 2) the Guide Dog Association. (Note: because of Paypal fees this will not be taken out of the Payments, but will be taken from my other sources of income and donated within the fortnight of the reading).

For those who live within reach of NSW’s Central Coast, I will still be offering consultations to help motivated people become non-smokers, too, by addressing not just the physiological addictions but the underlying individual reasons why each person maintains the addiction. I gave up smoking after only four years in 2005, and let me tell you, without someone working with me using the techniques I now use, it was the hardest thing I ever did to go from fifty-a-day to zero. It would have been so much easier if someone had helped me address the fundamental reasons for my dependency using some of the techniques I now use.

I was thinking about it a few months ago, and at the height of my smoking at today’s prices, I was spending more than $160 a week on cigarettes. Do you know how much that is a year? If you are within the region, think about how much you personally spend on cigarettes. How much money would you have at the end of a year if you put it into a sealed money-box that you couldn’t open and spend along the way?

Buy the money-box. Then email me, and let’s see if we can’t stop you smoking, stop you desiring to smoke, stop your cravings, and even stop you appreciating the putrid taste of cigarettes. Let’s see how much money you can save by the end of the year!

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2 Responses to Furballs!

  1. well, it’s wonderful to have you back in here, Nisaba. It’s good to be able to take really long walks and your joy of seeing how your plants grow is deeply felt. I wish I can spend long enough time to take long walks too, which I can’t. I’m not too fit for that. I’ve no idea why I can’t do too much of walking especially on moving up and down the stairs but it’s probably just the doctor’s advice so that I don’t make my spine’s condition any worse. The only thing he’d ever advised was that I go for swims. Speaking of cigarettes, the prices of cigarettes had definitely sprung up high enough to choke smokers but I’ve heard many complained about the quality those manufacturers provide are deteriorating though. The price of cigarettes over here is about MYR10 to 12 per pack, I suppose..and is already considered costly.

    • nisaba000 says:

      It’s actually a sad fact that around here, the people who are most likely to be addicted to smoking are those who are least able to afford it. Children miss out on school excursions and a second pair of shoes and everyone eats badly, while a parent puffs twice the family grocery budget away …

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