Time to Give Something Back …

I’ve been having a fantastic time, lately. On Friday, a meditation took me to the heart of a fire-festival in China. On Monday, a Full Moon ritual turned me into a God for a short while – interesting, when you are a woman.

You know, I have two legs and two arms. I have a roof over my head. I have food in my belly – rather too often, probably. Who cares if it’s hard to pay the bills sometimes and I can’t really justify the expense of running a vehicle? – Compared to many, many people who simply don’t and can’t have those things, I’m wa-a-ay ahead of the game.

To celebrate my new-found appreciation of simply being me, I’d like to give something back. So for the rest of this month, every Tarot reading I do will still cost the full $40 Australian, which is about the median rate around this area, but out of that I will donate $20 to the clients’ choices of either the Royal Flying Doctor Service, or the Guide Dog Association. I have two blind friends who have working-dogs, and they are an absolute priceless gift. And I’ve lived in rural Australia where the only emergency medical response was by air, and that is an absolute gift, too.

I have my cards poised – let’s see how much money we can raise between us for both these worthy causes!

I can be contacted through comments here or through the usual methods if you have my other contact-details, and my Paypal is good to go for distance-readings, (I’ll provide the details when you contact me) although I don’t accept credit cards yet.

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