Moths, Handbags and Magic

I’ve never been one for hot summer weather and I had to leave the house today, so now that I have returned, I have parked myself in the semi-darkness in front of the computer with a cold drink, and I don’t intend to move any time soon.

I don’t have one big thing I want to talk about today, more a selection of little things. Firstly, nine days ago it was the Farmers’ Market weekend at The Entrance. I usually try to go when it’s on.  Instead of doing what I usually do, loading up on fresh produce, then going to my favourite cafe for coffee, I decided to do it back-to-front and have coffee first.

Afterwards, I wandered. The fellow with his lovely, colourful, Moroccan ceramicware was there, but not the one with the lovelier, more colourful Turkish ceramicware, sadly. They were there for months, but as soon as I was resolved not to be sensible with my money but to buy myself something gorgeous for no better reason than that it was gorgeous, they disappeared. It’s been two Farmers’ Markets since (four weeks), and I still want them to show up and they’re still not showing.

However, there was an up-side. That was the first week that “Hidden Treasures in the Bay”, run by Janelle Kennedy, had their stall there. She had all the usual stuff designed to catch the eye of a magpie like me: candle-holders, jewellery and glass things, and of course I dallied and fell to chatting with her, swapping business cards.

I’m not a girly-girl, and clothes and accessories are less than unimportant to me, but what really stood out about her stall were the handbags. Mostly small but in a variety of styles, the vast majority of them were sober, understated black leather, with metal trim around the overlap, and in that metal trim, tumbled stones or even just raw crystals straight from the ground are held in by wild-looking metal extruded around the stones. Just sensational.

Here are a few that caught my eye and that she graciously allowed me to photograph despite the press of business and crowds. I’m not any kind of photographer, but you should get at least some primitive impression of their beauty if you use your imagination:-

I thought they were really something special. I left the Farmers’ Market with my heart full of pleasure, a bag full of perfectly ripe mangoes, and some fresh green leafy vegetables.

The last few days I’ve had an old friend of mine from Cooma staying over, partly to see his son and partly to render registrable a small car he bought in this area before driving it home. We have known each other fifteen years: our children were in pre-school together. Normally he will sleep on my futon lounge when he’s in the area, but a few months ago he bought a van and put a mattress in the back of it, so now he gets what he thinks is a more comfortable night’s sleep given his physical condition in the van than he does in the futon, which is firmer than a conventional mattress.

We had lunch in our favourite cafe (yes, the same one), and discovered to our great grief that in a few days they will be closing for a bit of a holiday. Afterwards, we all went our separate ways, me to chase down a piece of mail that still hasn’t arrived at the post office, then come home by myself.

While I was wandering, I ran into this Pagan-ish woman I keep seeing around, blatantly introduced myself and gave her my business card, and invited her to keep in touch and come to the meditation group. She just needs to SMS me so that I can grab her phone number, and I’ll willingly invite her to the meditations. Always happy to make contact with interesting people, and we’d been bumping into each other on a semi-regular basis, leading me to believe that we’d just keep on doing so until one or the other of us took the initiative and opened a dialogue. Well, it’s done.

The last thing I did before collapsing in front of the computer was to pull my laundry in off the line. I washed it two days ago: these days, it takes me a while to remember even the usual things like that. The absolute last thing I pulled off the line was one of my pairs of identical, well-worn $15-jeans (I tend to buy things like that in multiples if they are affordable). Why was it last instead of all the beach-and-bath towels? Well … because two absolutely gorgeous and exceptionally large native iron-headed moths were back-to-back on one leg of the jeans, slowly and quietly mating the way they do.

I left them there as long as I could, then shook the jeans gently until they flew away, tumbling around each other in flight, obviously still interested. Ah, Young Love. Whenever I feel jaded or cynical, all I have to do is look at something like moths mating, and all my faith in life, nature, love and the universe comes rushing back.

Young Love

In Other News To Hand, as they used to say on the ABC, November netted $80 for the Guide Dog Association – remember I promised late in the month to donate half my Tarot income for the rest of the month? So thank you to those who contacted me on-line and paid through Paypal, and thank you to Bianca at Mojo’s Cafe who gave me card to some “schoolies” holidaying in this area after their final exams.

I think I might extend it to the end of the year: all readings booked and paid for in December, in-person or online, will be split down the middle, and half of everything donated to the Royal Flying Doctor Service (since the Guide Dog Association has already benefitted).

If you would like to contribute to this worthy cause and are thinking of having a Tarot reading to identify what’s important in your life, where your opportunities lie and how to make the most of them, and where the risks lie and how to avoid them, contact me now for the reading, and I’ll donate half of everything I earn this way in December to them in the New Year, to help pay fuel or maintenance costs in the new year.

Having lived in a very, very rural area, where an airstrip had been marked out  on the local highway for the RFDS planes and where the nearest fleet of four road-ambulances was stationed 189 kilometres away, I can assert that this is one of the worthiest causes around, and the money is desperately needed.

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