Are We Serious?

How serious are our politicians?

They tell us they are concerned about the environment – they’ve been telling us that for years. And now we have recycling bins – into which we are not allowed to place many recyclable items and substances, and if someone does they throw out the entire truckful of stuff in which the “impurities” are found.

We also have a “green power option”: we pay a premium on top of the normal cost of our power, in order that after our metres are read, the power company is then obligated to buy the amount of kilowatts we’ve used from a green supplier such as a wind or solar outfit.

Why don’t they recycle everything that is recyclable, or at least not throw away whole truckfuls of stuff because of one object made of the wrong stuff? Surely we’re better off if as much stuff as possible gets reused, to reduce the load on Mother Nature?

And why do we pay an additional charge for green power? If they were serious, surely the cheaper-to-produce green power would be the basic rate to encourage everyone including the very poor to go green, while those who wish to run with coal-fired power should have to pay a premium for their polluting habits?

And warfare. It’s politically correct to talk to the electorate about the desire for peace. But it’s observably true that over the last twenty-five years or more, the budgets for education and civic works has been proportionally reduced, whilst the budgets for policing and the military have been proportionally increased. There are occasional blips on those trends, but not many.

The inference I draw from this tendency, is that the government wants us undereducated so that we are less equipped to think about our rebel against human-unfriendly policies, and over-policed so that those who still do get stomped on.

And what’s the go with armies? If no country in the world maintained a standing army, we’d fight with sticks and stones, if at all other than bickering with people in the parking lot over parking spaces. As it is, we fight not just with bullets, but with intercontinental “bullets” that can kill many people with one shot, and even nuclear “bullets” that can kill tens of thousands and poison the rest of us for many years into the future.

How does that maintain peace?

A little sanity, guys, please!

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