Hiding our Shame

The books that the world calls immoral are the books that show the world its own shame. (Oscar Wilde)

Wilde might have been a Dancing Clown, but he knew a thing or two. What kind of humans are we? I’ll tell you what kind of a human I, personally, am. I’m a fallible human. I make mistakes. I even have occasional moments when I’m deliberately malicious – but I get over it quickly and often try to make amends. And I always aspire to be the kind of person I would admire, the kind of person I want to be, rather than just the kind I am. Yes I’m fallible, but at least I try.

The person I aspire to be, amongst other things, is honourable. She would do the right thing. She would make an honest effort in all situations, so that even in times of failure she could hold her head up high. She can face herself in the mirror on even the darkest of nights. And most of all, when people go grubbing for her secrets, they find nothing she is ashamed of, nothing she would want to forcibly hide. That is the essence of an honourable person, an ethical person, a moral person.

And I believe the same qualities make an honourable, ethical and moral country. A nation that says: “Yes, we’ve made mistakes, now let’s try to deal with them” has a much higher calibre than a nation which says: “Oh, you’ve revealed that we know we’ve tortured, murdered and lied. So you have committed a crime by revealing our crimes, and by gagging you we will have done the right thing” is hardly a course of action following the highest of morals.

Or perhaps I’m wrong here?

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