Moving House

Bear with me a while – my blog and I are moving house. Hopefully we’ll find ourselves a location with a sunny outlook for winter and shade for the summer. Wish the blog and me luck, and we’ll be back soon!

And in fact we have moved house, although I haven’t finished unpacking and the place looks very bare. This will probably be my last post here, as far as I can see: my regular viewers and any occasional visitors are more than welcome to visit me at the new address of

So far there’s just an introductory post and no photos at all, nor have I got a profile up yet. I’m about to leave the house, but rest assured, when I come back I’ll be working on changing the appearance of the new blog and setting it up the way I want it.

You may notice some advertising in the margins eventually: bear with me here, they’re offering me occasional small change and I’m in no position to say no. Think of it as your way of giving me positive feedback: if you are interested in something I write, why not right-click the ads around it into another tab, then if you’re really not interested in looking at them, closing off those tabs? That way, you will give me a bit of positive feedback that I will appreciate.

Feel free to keep the comments coming, too – I really enjoy them.

So I hope to see you all over there shortly!

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