Charging a Magical Object

I was asked in a personal email just today, how to charge a magical object. The person had just bought a Pentacle for everyday wear, but wanted it to carry an energetic charge. It occurred to me that my method of charging things may be of interest to more people than just the person who asked.

Tonight after I get off the computer, I will be charging three objects, each of them small enough to fit into my hand. None of them are Pentacles, but the principle is the same.

Most of us (not all)  have two hands: one of them is magically passive and is the hand we sense things with, whilst the other one is magically active, and is the hand we send energy out with. Each of us can use both hands for both purposes and I frequently do, but there is no doubt that when I use my magically active hand for charging things they get a stronger charge quicker, whilst if I use my magically passive hand for sensing things, I get a stronger feeling about those things, quicker, also.

A lot of people think that if they are right-handed, their right hand is their magically active hand, and their left hand is their receiving, or magically passive hand. I find when I deal with people, that in about two-thirds of people this is in fact the case, but it really isn’t linked with handedness – and what if you are one of the 33% of people whose hands do not work that way? How you find out is simple, really:-

To find out which hand is your magically passive or active hand, just clasp your hands together in a natural, relaxed way, with the fingers interleaved, and rest your hands on your lap or on the desk in front of you. Now, look at your thumbs. Which thumb is covering the other? The thumb on top is the hand that is magically active: best for sending out energy, and charging objects. The hand whose thumb is being sheltered by the other one is your magically receptive or passive hand: less strong for sending out energy, but far more sensitive to the feel of energy-fields already there. Note: it is not a lesser hand, nor is the other hand magically more useful! The two skills are different, not superior or inferior.

Now that you have identified your magically active hand and noticed whether or not it is the hand you usually write with, it is time to charge that object.

First,  I like to start by sensing the energies that are already in the object. Clear your mind, sit yourself comfortably in a calm place, and hold the object in your passive hand. While you should curl your fingers around to enclose it completely, your hand should not be tense. With your mind empty and relaxed, just look at any thoughts or images that arise in your mind while you hold the object, and allow them to drift around you and disperse. Also, notice any tactile feelings you might get in your hands, such as changes of texture or temperature or the object, or any sensations in your hands themselves such as tingliness, numbness, or anything else.

When you have finished, decide if the object feels good or not. Do you want to keep the energy already in it, and build on it, or would you like to start afresh? An example: in the last few days, I have just bought myself a new Athame, having had my old one taken from me some time ago. The knife I selected was pre-owned, and pre-loved. I really delighted in the energy I felt when I touched it, and while there was never any doubt that I would charge it, there was also never any doubt that I had no intention of cleansing its old energies off it – after all, it was its energy, in large part, that decided my choice in the first place. So what I did was  not cleanse it, but I blessed it as I oiled it (it was carbon-steel, and will need regular oiling anyway), then charged it. Now when I handle it, it still has the same warmth and strength that I originally liked about it, plus it has my own energy and the energy of the blessing on it.

If you are not happy with preserving and augmenting the object’s old energy, you will need to cleanse it first. Water is good – leaving it outside overnight in rain, especially in a thunderstorm, is an excellent form of cleansing. (This will not work for objects which can be water-damaged, of course!) Just be sure it will not be where dirty water might drip on it: water that has fallen from the gutters, say, or front the ropes of the washing-line. Make sure that water that falls on it is straight from the clouds.

A fantastic moonlight-cleanse can be had by putting it on your windowsill at New Moon and leaving it there until the next New Moon, turning it over on the Full Moon between-times. A quite adequate cleanse can be had by passing it intentionally through the smoke of incense, or  the heat-waves or smoke of a natural fire, and a quickie-cleanse that might need to be repeated later can be had by closing your eyes, and visualising the item being enveloped in magical blue flames, burning away all impurities. Whatever appeals to you most, will work best for you.

To charge the object when you are ready, hold it in  your magically active hand. Again, curl your fingers lightly around it. Relax, clear your mind, and feel yourself really connect to the earth below you. (Yes, I’ve done this in a moving train, but it’s more difficult). Draw energy from the earth, until your own energy-system is full-to-overflowing. Then visualise energy running up and down your spine, pouring down to your hand through your shoulder and your arm, and filling up your hand. See your hand and the object becoming one, and the object, too, filling up with energy. With time, your hand will start to tingle. Continue until the tingling finishes and dies away completely. Once there is no more tingling, the object has taken as much energy as it can carry. If at any time you feel the object needs cleansing or refilling again, just repeat the procedure.

And now, I am going to do just that.

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One Response to Charging a Magical Object

  1. Hmmm, interesting. I am really crap at meditating, but reading that and trying to charge my mother’s wedding ring (magical to me, if not so in the sense you meant) was as close as I’ve ever got to emptying my mind. Might try it again tomorrow with something else.

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